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Hi folks, I have some exciting news to share. Julian has graciously offered and I have accepted to become the lead maintainer for Velocity. I'm really excited to be working closely with and learning from him in order to transition this project onto my plate. I remember when Julian started working on Velocity (locked away in his apartment — a few blocks away from me). Then later when he first announced it publicly. And finally when it exploded in growth from 0 to what it is today. I hope to bring that same enthusiasm, energy, and skill to it. I am honored to be taking it on. Looking forward to working on it along with the rest of the contributors.

Message from @kvirani [August 22, 2016]

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Velocity (CDN, choose one of them):

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Velocity UI pack (CDN, choose one of them):

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Please note that JSDelivr will automatically supply the latest release, while CloudFlare needs to ask for a specific version.

Package managers:

npm: npm install velocity-animate
bower: bower install velocity

Questions or Problems?

Ask on StackOverflow (make sure you add the [velocity.js] and [javascript] tags).


  • 1.5: Bugfixes, IE9 compatibility fixes.
  • 1.4: Pause / Resume (per element or global).
    Forcefed string animation (just have matching number spaces) including unit conversions and colour names (ie background:["rgba(red,0.1)", "blue"]). High resolution timers (animations should be slightly smoother).
    Various fixes including ticker (loading Velocity in a background window) and color handling.
  • 1.3: Code cleanup - no breaking changes known.
  • 1.2: Custom tweens. Custom easings. "Finish" command.
  • 1.0: File name changed to velocity.js. Read
  • 0.1: stop now stops animations immediately (instead of only clearing the remainder of the animation queue). No other backwards-incompatible changes were made.



  • CSS transitions are meant for simple interface flourishes.
  • jQuery's $.animate() is slow and poorly-equipped for motion design.
  • Velocity is a fast, feature-rich standalone alternative to jQuery's $.animate().


MIT License. © Julian Shapiro (
Stripe sponsors Velocity's development.
BrowserStack provides testing services.